"Learn How To Get Google Adwords Working With You, Not Against You!"

Google Adwords is one of the best places to generate high quality traffic, and it is the "Bread and Butter" for many of the Top Internet marketers out there. Recently, Google has implemented changes that are making it more difficult for Affiliates to promote their products and websites on the Google Network. If you want to get Google working with you, and not against you, continue reading below.

If you are new to Internet Marketing, you may not know this, but Google is charging affiliates up to $10 a click to have their ads displayed on the network when they used to charge as little as $0.01 a click. In order to get Google to allow you to get traffic for $0.01 you need to know what is required from you as an Advertiser. Below we have reviewed the top Google Adwords guides that will teach you how to master Google Adwords and use it to your advantage to make money online.

Top Google Adwords Products

#1 BeatingAdwords.com
Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate
Main Focus Google Adwords Techniques
Support 9/10
Price $67
Overall Value 10/10 - #1 For Google Adwords

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You may be familiar with Google Adwords and already understand the potential, but there are many people making $1000’s every day by setting up advertising campaigns using Google Adwords.  There are several ebooks out there showing you how to use Adwords to promote products and earn money online, but there is one that far surpasses any other product available. This product is Beating Adwords.

Beating Adwords is the essential foundation builder.  It not only includes a step-by-step outline for newbie marketers, it covers the most elaborate techniques and strategies that marketers can use to essentiallyly “beat Adwords”.  Also included are website templates, free advertising techniques, and a wealth of information on many other related topics.  If there was a book that was written to include everything that a marketer needs to know to make money online, Beating Adwords is the one.

#2 WealthyAffiliate.com
Skill Level Beginner - Advanced
Main Focus Google Adwords & More
Support 10/10
Price $29.99 / Month
Overall Value 10/10

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The Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the most complete resources on learning how to earn money with Google Adwords. Many of the courses and tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate focus on Adwords techniques and strategies and the learning environment makes it very easy to get started with Adwords quickly.  

Wealthy Affiliate is every thing you need to succeed online.  Think of it as your tuition to success, with the top “make money education”.  You have access to a vast amount of resources (tutorials, guides) and tools (Clickbank, Keyword, Campaign Management) within the Wealthy Affiliate membership area.

#3 AdwordsMiracle.com
Skill Level Beginner
Main Focus Google Adwords Techniques
Support 7/10
Price $97.00
Overall Value 7/10

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Adwords Miracle focuses on teaching Google Adwords techniques and strategies. The book is one of the newer e-books available and offers great value to beginners who are just starting out with Adwords. As with many digital products Adwords Miracle doesn't offer the level of support that you could expect from the Wealthy Affiliate University, or Beating Adwords for that matter. If you are looking for a solid guide that focuses on Adwords techniques and strategies you may want to consider Adwords miracle.

Another drawback of Adwords Miracle is the Price. Although the book offers good techniques, the product is overpriced based on the quality and ease of understanding the techniques within. There are other Adwords products available that offer better value for your money as listed above.

#4 GoogleCash.com
Skill Level Beginner
Main Focus Google Adwords Techniques
Support 6/10
Price $67.00
Overall Value 7/10

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Google Cash has been around for years and was once labeled as the "bible" to earning money with Google Adwords. Things have changed over the past few years and the product has been replaced by some of the newer books offering more up to date techniques, strategies and superior quality in the way of layout and design.

Google Cash is still highly recommended as it focuses on Google Adwords, however the techniques are offered in all previous mentioned books. Google Cash lacks many of the bonus techniques that are offered in the other top rated e-book Beating Adwords which is one reason why it is ranked lower. Overall, Google Cash is a great book, and has a proven track record to support this claim.