"Day Job Killer - Does it Live Up To The Hype?"


#8 DayJobKiller.com
Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced
Main Focus Internet Marketing - General
Support 5/10
Price $97
Overall Value 5/10

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Day Job Killer was recently released and the Hype around the product was absolutely crazy. Everyone was picking up a copy of this new book with high hopes of it living up to all the hype. Unfortunately, like the previous product Affiliate Project X, the book fell far short of expectations and there are thousands of unhappy purchasers online who are ranting about this.

Day Job Killer won't teach you new techniques, and there are no "Life Changing" techniques that are not published elsewhere online in many other ebooks and websites.

With this being said, Day Job Killer is a very good read, and if you like to stay up to date with new publications, it is highly recommended to pick up a copy of this book. The book will not teach you how to earn millions of dollars online, and it doesn't show any cutting edge techniques that aren't already published. As many people have stated in the online community, Day Job Killer is a fun read, but lacks highly in quality content.

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