"Sure, Any "GURU Can Teach You How To Do
Something, But They Can't Teach You WHY!"

There are so many self acclaimed "Guru's" out there that are throwing together rehashed information that others have written into "the next best thing" type of ebook's. Let's consider something. If these "Guru's" taught you how to do something correctly the first time why would then need to keep pumping out product after product telling you to do the same things?

The BIG thing that the "Guru" ebook is missing is the "WHY's" about their techniques. Quite frankly, they don't know the "WHY's" and this is why they don't teach them! Why do some Affiliate Marketers make $3000 / day online (profit) while others are losing money? The answer is because successful Internet Marketers know why they are doing what they are doing! Anyone can teach their 8 year old daughter to create a Google Adwords ad and use a "Guru" keyword tool to help them choose keywords, but you'll never make money that way.

Who Loves Money teaches you how to connect with customers, why they buy, what they are looking for and how to steer clear of keywords that the "Guru's" are telling you to promote. When you spent $100 in advertising to make $35 on a sale, the only person who is benefiting is the owner of the product. Who Loves Money is based on literally tens of thousands of questions from the Wealthy Affiliate University and fills in the gaps for Internet Marketers.

Skill Level Beginner - Advanced (All Levels)
Main Focus Filling in The "Blanks"
Support 10/10
Price $97.00
Overall Value 10/10

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