"Affiliate Project X… Is it The Secret Door to Your Success Online? "

#7 AffiliateProjectX.com
Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced
Main Focus Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 5/10
Price $97.00
Overall Value 6/10

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Affiliate Project X…Is it the secret door to your success online?  Well, not quite, but it does contribute something new to the online marketplace.  Some crazy and some say unethical marketing techniques.  It covers a few “secrets” within its 50 page book, but does not build a foundation for a newbie to Internet marketing.

Affiliate Project X was launched in fall of 2006, and has been one of the biggest Clickbank successes yet.  Is this because of the “sizzle” (the product hype) or the “steak” (the actual value of the product).  You can make this judgment for yourself if you decide to purchase this book, but according to Clickbank, Affiliate Project X has one of the highest refund rates on the entire network.   This may be due to too many false reviews, and not living up to the expectations of a hungry audience that wants to make money.

You will get some good value from the book as there are some very risqué intermediate to advanced marketing techniques included in the book, but for $97 (and only 50 pages of info), you may want to hold off on this ebook until you have taken advantage of some of the great resources.

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